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Arrow Global Listed Infrastructure Portfolio

Infrastructure can be a compelling long-term investment, offering the potential for stable inflation-linked income and capital growth and region diversification . However, in some cases direct investment is not appropriate.

The team believes that investing in active and upcoming infrastructure projects and infrastructure operators worldwide can offer the benefits of infrastructure with lower cost, greater liquidity and diversification.Arrow Infrastructure

Arrow Infrastructure Fund Description

The Arrow Global Listed Infrastructure fund raising seeks long-term, defensive, low-volatility returns that exceed inflation by investing in a range of companies around the world that Arrow considers to be “Preferred Infrastructure.”Power Plants Infrastructure

Arrow Infrastructure Investment Strategy


  • Independent investment team based in Singapore, Mexico City, Paris,  London and New York with decades of experience specific to infrastructure analysis and investing; plus the global resources of Arrow Asset Management
  • Strict adherence to our Preferred Infrastructure Projects definition that we believe will achieve the investment profile investors seek
  • Complete hands on Infrastructure Project control with collaborating local and federal governments and local companies
Arrow  Infrastructure investment process At Arrow Infrastructure we believe that success in global listed infrastructure investing requires a balance of top-down country- and subsector-level research and bottom-up equity research Narrowing to Latin America, Asia, Middle East and European countries,.
Arrow Infrastructure
Subsectors are ranked based on industry fundamentals for either Airport or Railway and Transit infrastructure projects, economic sensitivity, commodity price leverage, the capital market environment and valuation. After we establish our country and region subsector-level positioning, the Infrastructure portfolio managers determine appropriate security allocations based on the output of our Infrastructure project government federal analysts’ company research and valuation models, while taking into account risk controls, diversification and liquidity.