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China infrastructure in the Balkans Macedonia

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China in the Balkans: Macedonia, Albania seek Beijing’s funds for projects

Many are dismayed in Macedonia these days, including a Chinese company. The wiretaps revealed a number of corruption cases, one of which involved Sinohydro, China’s infrastructure giant, which was awarded the construction of two highways in the country through a tender, which, as claimed in the leaks, violated standard bidding procedures and allegedly granted the company certain privileges that might have crossed the boundaries of what is legal.

The last thing that the Chinese would want is to get involved in such scandals and harm their reputation in the Balkans. Macedonia is important for the Chinese and their infrastructure projects, as this landlocked country is the connecting link between the port facilities they have bought and are currently operating in Greece on one side, and their economic stronghold in the Balkans, Serbia, on the other.

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The company is constructing two highway sections, between Kicevo and Ohrid, as well as between Miladinovci and Strip, with a total length of 110 kilometers. While Sinohydro waits for the political dust to settle, Chinese state-owned companies in other sectors are also showing interest and getting active in Macedonia.

China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation is supplying Macedonian Railways with electric trains, and energy infrastructure companies are interested in undertaking new projects after the good example of Kozjak Power Plant, built by China International Water and Electric Corporation more than a decade ago.


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