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Wireless Network Market Infrastructure Investments to Hit $61 Billion Annually by 2020

Infrastructure REITs Are Powering the Growth of Cloud Computing

Telecommunications Trends

Wired and wireless carriers confront a rapidly shifting technology landscape in which small steps toward digitization are no longer enough.

TELUS Investing $4.5 Billion Through 2019 to Extend Advanced Communications Infrastructure Across Alberta

TELUS intends to invest $4.5 billion in new communications infrastructure across Alberta through 2019. This year alone, TELUS will invest more than $900 million in the province to extend fiber optic infrastructure directly to thousands of homes and businesses in rural and urban communities, further strengthen wireless service, and support key services including healthcare and education with new technologies.

Africa Telecoms Infrastructure

Measuring the growth of terrestrial fibre networks in Africa is quite challenging as projects often have several phases of deployment, from financing to breaking ground to technical completion to inauguration, all of which may be deemed newsworthy.